The library of the TUAS Wildau has introduced its RFID system in 2007 in order to support the circulation workflows and to prevent theft.
On of the already advertised features at that time was using the RFID technique for stocktaking and so we purchased a mobile reading device and began first tests.
The outcomes of those tests were pretty bad: the performance of the mobile device was poor and the lack of a suitable software made it nearly impossible to improve stocktaking processes.

We startet to develop a software for stocktaking - based on our needs - in the following years and present the results on this page.

small video of the 2013 version
Hardware: Reader Feig ID.ISC MR101U with Antenna ID ISC.ANT340/240 (Feig website)

The latest version:

The actual software is an HTML5-application for visualizing and a so called blade reader for identifying the items.

Visualization of stock and its circulation statistics from the past years. This feature can help staff to decide whether to write off unused items.
An item is either not identified by its tag or not found in the shelf? A dialog shows the metadata of the item.